Sweet is the work of my God

to praise thy name;

spread thy word abroad,

give thanks and sing…

To show thy love by morning light

and talk of all thy truths at night.


Sweet is the day;

when we shall rest,

No mortal care shall stop my joy

My heart in tune it shall always be

like David’s harp of solemn sound.

My heart shall triumph in the Lord,

and bless His word.


Sin, my worst enemy before,

shall vex my eyes and ears no more.

My inner demons shall all be slain,

Nor satan break my peace again.

But, oh, what triumph shall I raise

to thy dear name through endless days,

when in that  glorious realms of joy

I see thy glorious face in full felicity.

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If I get the chance;

To spend my life with you,

I go make you feel brand new.

I no go ever let you down,

On your face there will never be a frown.

Me and you go always dey like glue.

Life dem say no get duplicate,
And by your side I no fit wait to stay,

Come, dis matter make we no complicate.

Dis barriers and pain I wish I could wash away.

Forever with you, na my plan

And though the world; I no fit give you now,

This thing we share, no throw am for can.

Make we try take things slow;

And our love nurture till it grow.


Naijiria our papa land,

where you dey go?

everybody wan move finish go jand,

yesterday Emeka sef go play lotto

whether him luck go shine, make him join the band.
our leaders self no dey help matter,

na only their pocket them know.

we hope say this new one go differ,

and him bar, him no go set low.
raise your hands up naijirians,

make una embrace this change.

him no be our saviour,

but make we give am our support,

so that him go fit create that rapport.


When I look into your eyes, 

I begin to realize, 

That sometimes, 

Some things are just meant not to be. 

We love each other; 

Let’s fall in love again, 

Don’t let this things, 

tear us apart. 
To mention just a few, 

I won’t let the cat out of the bag.

There’s nothing more for me left to do, 

I’m drifting far away. 

Let’s try to work it out. 

Just fall in love with me. 
When I look into your eyes; 

Life is just a fairy tale, 

me and you are the stars.

Let me set the tone, 

I will show you my mind, 

If you let me know:

Can we fall in love again? 

Naija syndrome

Are we just going to watch them toss us back and forth?

all this wolves in sheep’s clothing,

Whose goals are just to loot the national treasure.
I do not seek that all should heed my plea,

But at least,

let’s see reasons with the writing on the wall,

and a take a turn to the right.
Time is ticking;

And days are flying by swiftly,

Soon darkness would cover the day

And all that would be left,

Would be nothing more than a quagmire.


Even hearing your name makes my knee weak.
It takes me to a place I can’t even describe,
I know that we have been friends,
but is it wrong that I want to be more?
seeing the places that we could explore together,
forever is how I want it to be,
just you and me.

I know we have been through a lot and tried to untangle every knot,
but is it possible that you love me? Can everyone see the couple we could become?
Dreaming every night of us being together,
through every type of weather,

I love when it rains because I can sit outside,
Thinking about being by your side. When your heart is broken,
you are my token, I will always be there for you, beside you,
with you,
Forever till eternity.


The love I have for you is unconditional,
It’s something that is very peculiar,

Willing to do numerous of sacrifices and will never break these vows and promises.

Even though i get nothing in return at least something new i have learnt…

Which is to love you even more from the outward of my heart up to it’s core.


Tears of blood fall from my broken heart. 

I thought we would never be apart. 

When you held me, you said forever,

Now that you are gone,

I know you meant never.

Saying you love me with that look in your eye,

That was a cold hearted lie.

Your tender touch, lovely voice and your soft kiss,
Three things about you I will always miss.

As I sit here thinking about you,

My face is wet with tears past due

I should have cried a long time ago, 

But I love you so.

I know they say “love is blind”,
But I had only you on my mind.

A cut so deep, It cuts like a knife, 

but wounds heal and I will go on with my life.


I would give anything to see the sun set on the horizon,

I would do anything to gaze at the  full moon in the midnight sky.

Even a rainbow would make me smile.

And I would love to swim on crystal clear water of an untouched sea,

I would love to soar on wings above the clouds across the bluest skies.

I would do anything to see all the beautiful things in the world,
like a rose blooming in the sahara, like a river twisting through a dusty land,

All the beautiful things in the world.

But I also know am looking at the world’s most beautiful creation, every time you smile, 
And every time I look into your eyes.


I fell in love with you again today,

At first there was a simple thought playing over and over in My mind.

Then I smiled, remembering the good times,

The tender moments, the love we shared,

the relationship we have built together. 

All of this made me happy.

And all this feelings that were once so new came rushing back.

And again I fell in love with you

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