Sweet is the work of my God

to praise thy name;

spread thy word abroad,

give thanks and sing…

To show thy love by morning light

and talk of all thy truths at night.


Sweet is the day;

when we shall rest,

No mortal care shall stop my joy

My heart in tune it shall always be

like David’s harp of solemn sound.

My heart shall triumph in the Lord,

and bless His word.


Sin, my worst enemy before,

shall vex my eyes and ears no more.

My inner demons shall all be slain,

Nor satan break my peace again.

But, oh, what triumph shall I raise

to thy dear name through endless days,

when in that  glorious realms of joy

I see thy glorious face in full felicity.

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The time is now

You are young, and I am older;

I’m a Mormon, you’re not –

Follow Christ now, before it grows colder –

Pluck the roses before they rot.
Teach your brethren to heed our say –

Soon the sunshine would be lost in the shade –

That now is as good as any day –

To take  upon you Jesus Christ,  before your time fade. 

The heart’s sincere plea

The morning bright with rosy light,

Has closed its eyes to sleep

Father, encircle me round

With thy love unfeigned,

Give me thy love alone.
Be thou my guard and guide

My sin forgive and let me live

near thy side.

All thru the day I humbly kneel in prayer to thee.
Oh sweet lord;

Make thy rest within my chest.

Great being of all grace!

Make me like thee

Then shall I be prepared to see thy glorious face.


Come with me and you’ll see the truth unfold… 

Take a look around and you’ll see into their plans. 
We’ll begin with their dance of shame, 

Shame be on the python 

Or better still the herdsman with the nation’s mantle. 
What has happened this day

Has defiled all explanations. 
If you want to see the land of the rising sun, 

Simply look around and view it. 

Anything you want to do,  do it

But don’t just take the lives of our brothers

Whom for their freedom and nothing more stand before you. 
There’s no life anymore in the green eagle, 

Her wings are crippled with maggots.

To say there’s hope may be just pure exaggeration. 

I do not seek that all should comprehend, 

But please let our brothers be. 
There’s no life left in the dreams of our fathers, 

Please let our brothers be. 


Behind that grey tomb stone, 

Your spirit shall one day find itself alone. 

Not one, but many eyes shall pry into your hour of secrecy. 
That day when sleep shall knock you out;

In that silent solitude, 

When you shall cease from all Mortal care, 

Will your name still echo till the eternities? 
Your eyes closed shall be filled with utmost darkness, 

Likewise your spirit shall burn. 

From their thrones above, 

Shall I stare at your dying soul with no help coming forth.
Tomorrow’s life can be guaranteed; 

Remember this, 

This life is the time to prepare to meet our God.

For your spirit shall one day stand before the Great master above. 

Which would you cling to; 

The temporal things below or the spiritual things above? 


We walked down from that stair…

Putting our crown and gowns aside,

We came down in form of clay,

Some in form of wood,

Others in form of metals,

And whatever we go back,

Will be determined by the choices we make here. 
We came down from that stair…


You and I

With hope of getting a better estate from our temporal state.

And this is what became of us…

Some settling for a lesser portion of that great reward;

Only a day;… Nothing compared to eternity.
We came down from that stair,

Yes! That one between heaven and earth.

Leaving the presence of Him who sent us; 

with promises to go back when our purpose is fulfilled.

We all came down from that stair,

It’s not a curse, of a truth it’s a blessing.


Where are you, the apple of my eyes, 
Are you in the garden where love blossom?

Or are you stuck in the pages of your book?
Your eyes, they tell a million lies,

But while you’re near, I’ll feed on your crumb.

Never in life will I compromise.
When you’re around I get butterflies,

You’re the only fish in my aquarium.

And the reason this ink is spilled on book.

All odds only your beauty defies,
When you’re here life blossom,

Day and night all I do is fantasize.

This thing we share, let’s finalise,
For tradition’s sake, let’s keep to custom,

And our names write on history’s book.
Just to see you, I’d walk a million miles,

I don’t care whatever be the outcome,

But where are you the apple of my eyes?

Are you stuck in the pages of your book?

OJUJU PHARAOH (let my people go)

Democracy will not come

Not today, not this year

Nor ever through compromise and fear.
We have as much right 

As the others who claim to be the majority, 

to stand on our feet 

And reign on this land.
I’m tire of hearing people chant, 

The change slogan,

Change begins with you…

And not the masses you call timid 

I do not need my freedom when I’m dead.

I cannot live on tomorrow’s bread.

Is a strong seed


In a great need.

Just like the Israelites, 

Ojuju Pharaoh, let our people go.
They live here too.

They want freedom

Just as you in the sixties. 


If I get the chance;

To spend my life with you,

I go make you feel brand new.

I no go ever let you down,

On your face there will never be a frown.

Me and you go always dey like glue.

Life dem say no get duplicate,
And by your side I no fit wait to stay,

Come, dis matter make we no complicate.

Dis barriers and pain I wish I could wash away.

Forever with you, na my plan

And though the world; I no fit give you now,

This thing we share, no throw am for can.

Make we try take things slow;

And our love nurture till it grow.

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